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I need to add more domains to allowed_domains , so I dnt get the " Filtered offsite request to ".

My app gets urls to fetch from a database, so I cant add them manually.

I tried to override the spider init

like this

 def __init__(self):
        super( CrawlSpider, self ).__init__()
        self.start_urls = []
        for destination in Phpbb.objects.filter(disable=False):


start_urls was fine, this was my first issue to solve. but the allow_domains makes no affect.

I need to change some configuration in order to disable domain checking? I dont want this since I only want the ones from the database, but It could help me for now to disable domain check.


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  • 'allowed_domains' parameter is optional. To get started, you can skip it to disable domain filtering
  • In scrapy/contrib/spidermiddleware/ you can override this function for your custom domain filtering function :

    def get_host_regex(self, spider):
        """Override this method to implement a different offsite policy"""
        allowed_domains = getattr(spider, 'allowed_domains', None)
        if not allowed_domains:
            return re.compile('') # allow all by default
        domains = [d.replace('.', r'\.') for d in allowed_domains]
        regex = r'^(.*\.)?(%s)$' % '|'.join(domains)
        return re.compile(regex)
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