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I'm trying to get Vanity to play nicely with Heroku and my Rails 3 app. At the moment, it all works fine locally using Pow and a local Redis server, but when I push to Heroku using the RedisToGo add-on, nothing seems to get the server running, I just get the error: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known.

Here's my config/vanity.yml file:

  adapter: redis
  host: <%= ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] %> 

and my config/initializers/redis.rb:

uri = URI.parse(ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"])
REDIS = Redis.new(:host => uri.host, :port => uri.port, :password => uri.password)

I've also tried using the actual redis://<actualusername>:actualpassword@actualserver.com:9274 and it gives the same error. I've also tried with and without the redis://.

Has anyone got Vanity working with Heroku and Rails 3? Am I missing something terribly obvious? My Google-fu has failed me thus far.

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getaddrinfo usually means you have an incorrect host. Have you double checked that? –  Devin M Jun 12 '11 at 4:46
Yep. This is all being set by Heroku. The REDISTOGO_URL is set for me, and it works in the console. –  Tim Sullivan Jun 12 '11 at 4:48

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Yeah, it was something stupid, all right. You don't use host, you use connection.

  adapter: redis
  connection: <%= ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] %> 

Hope this helps someone, because I nearly beat my computer to a pulp.

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If you are using Postgres on Heroku you need to do things a bit different. Here is my hack (config/vanity.yml):

  adapter: active_record
  active_record_adapter: postgresql

  <% username, password, host, database = ENV['DATABASE_URL'].scan(%r{//(.*):(.*)@(.*)/(.*)}).first %>
  host:     <%= host %>
  username: <%= username %>
  password: <%= password %>
  database: <%= database %>

And you have to force Vanity to not use the Redis adapter (a bug if you ask me). Put this in an initializer:

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Do you know if Vanity uses its own connection pool to the database? If so, I have a feeling it will have contention with the app over the limited number of connections that Heroku provides. –  Chloe Mar 14 at 5:34

One final note: If you're using ActiveRecord & Postgres on Heroku and you ARE NOT on the shared database, the connection string should be:

username, password, host, port, database = ENV['DATABASE_URL'].scan(%r{//(.*):(.*)@(.*):(.*)/(.*)}).first
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