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I want to make own shortcuts to use with hardware keyboard on android phones like Milestone/Droid, T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream and T-Mobile G2/Desire Z. It will be cool to have alt+e shortcut to make ę for example, without changing keyboard. (It's my national chars)

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And what exactly is your problem? –  THelper Jun 12 '11 at 8:51

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Hey I have a similar problem. I want to run an application like gallery when I hit F2 on my external keyboard.

What I have deduced so far is that we need to somehow override the PhoneWindowManager.java class function interceptKeyBeforeQueueing to detect a particular keystroke and add our own behavior to it.

Another place you can catch the key event is InputDispatcher.java.

I still need to verify the concept itself. If you have any solution please share.

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