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I have recently published an App to the App store.

When testing the app everything was fine (in-app purchases, splash screens etc.). Now that the app is live I have two major problems:

  1. The splash screen (Default.png) is not showing. I have retested it on my development build and it works fine but in the live app it is not working.

  2. The in-app purchases are not working. I have retested it on my development build in sandbox and they work fine but in the live app they are not working.

I have read that it is possible for in-app purchases not work for up to 36 hours after release but I have never had a problem where the Default.png file did not show.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible that I am meant to do something specific for the in-app purchases in when the app goes live ?


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While verification of transaction receipt check the url that u have used (This may be the case).

For an application which is going live:

For testing purpose:

Also check if the AppID that you have used while submitting the binary is Enabled for IAP.

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