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I'm using MEF in a plugin based ASP.NET application. Wiring up a File System Watcher with Container.Refresh() any new plugin is loaded automatically upon being copied to the plugin folder.

The problem is when I want to delete or replace a loaded plugin. It is locked by w3wp and cannot be deleted. I read about Shadow Copy but cannot find a good example or article.

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Try adding the plugin folder to AppDomainSetup.ShadowCopyDirectories. This property is a semicolon-seperated list of directories containing assemblies that should be loaded via shadow copies.

Normally you also need to set AppDomainSetup.ShadowCopyFiles to "true" but I think this is already the default for ASP.NET appdomains.

However, be aware that loading a new version of a plugin will not magically unload the old version. The only way to do that is to unload the AppDomain containing it. Since this requires you to load plugins in a separate appdomain, this is probably more trouble than it is worth.

It is probably simpler, safer and more effective to just stop the service, update the DLLs, and restart.

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Make sure you are cleaning up all your unmanaged resources properly. It sounds like you may have opened a file stream but didn't properly close/dispose of it, and this may lock up a file by the process that was working with it in the first place. More info on using statement here: http://www.blackwasp.co.uk/UsingStatement.aspx

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