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Right now it just shows:

M test.txt
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 0 deletions(-)

Previously we used git-commit-notifier to have nice colored diffs in our developer mailing list (this is a post-receive hook) when we were using Gitolite.

I could set it up the same in the Gerrit instance but then we'd be using two different mail mechanisms, email templates, and double emails on successful merges.


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It looks like currently it's not possible using the standard gerrit e-mails or e-mail templates.

Gal Hammer proposed a patch in this thread: but it's not currently merged into trunk.

I think it's not even submitted following the standard patch submit process so it can take a while before somebody takes that code and pushes it to trunk.

You can see the Mauvis Ledford answer for an alternative solution.

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Sean Pearce, a developer on the project answered my question on Google Groups. He suggested plugging into the change-merged hook on your server:

Then, as the callback use git-commit-notifier.

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From Gerrit 2.6 it will be possible to make the "change merged" notification email include the commit's unified diff.

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