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I need to implement a keyboard for my language. For example, I want that if you type "a" then in the textbox or input box will show: ka.....If i press "m" it will show: enter image description here

Now, this is not possible in current webbrowsers because there is no hooking functionality here. For this,I have decided that this algorithm:

  1. Detect keycode of the typed letter (in this case "a")
  2. Maintain a keymap and found from the keycode (in step1) which key will be replaced by "a"
  3. Replace the textarea/textInput as: "string before --a--"+ replaced key from step2 + "rest of the portion after --a--"
  4. return false so that "a" is not written into the textarea/textInput by the browser.

I am searching for a better idea than running substring method after keystroke...Please help.

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I've provided code to do just this on Stack Overflow before: show different keyboard character from the typed one in google chrome and Can I conditionally change the character entered into an input on keypress ?, for example.

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useful comment :-) thanks – seoul Jun 14 '11 at 4:59

Your algorithm is exactly the correct way to implement this.

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