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After runing a MapRed job, we will get some summary about the job, for example:

reduce input records: 10
reduce input groups: 3

I knows this is caused by combine repeated keys. My question is what is the method that are used by reducer to combine records? key1.equals(key2) or key1.hashCode==key2.hashCode?


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Only compareTo since keys have to implement WritableComparable. key.hashCode() is used for partitioning reasons. Equals won't ever be used.

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Got it. Thanks very much. – user572138 Jun 12 '11 at 10:19

Reducers do not, in general, combine records. One reducer is executed for each key emitted from the mappers (not necessarily in parallel).

Reduce Input Groups is the number of unique keys fed into the reducers. Reduce Input Records is the number of values. Each key has one or more values associated with it coming into the reducer.

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