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I found How to convert seconds to 11:00:30.1 format but can't find how to convert hours in format 11:00:30.1 to seconds. Please give me some links.

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Is your "11:00:30.1" input a form of string or do you have the input as numbers already? – Mat Jun 12 '11 at 9:43
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NSString *string = @"11:00:30.1";;
NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter= [[[NSDateFormatter alloc] init] autorelease];
[dateFormatter setDateFormat:@"HH:mm:ss.SS"];
NSDate *date = [dateFormatter dateFromString:string];
NSTimeInterval seconds = [date timeIntervalSince1970];

Edit: Thanks to Johan Kool for pointing me at NSDateFormatter. Updated code for simplicity.

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Are you aware of the NSDateFormatter class? Looks like you are reinventing the wheel here. – Johan Kool Jun 12 '11 at 10:33
@johan-kool: Thanks, I somehow must have missed that one, back when I wrote that code. Updated the code for the sake of simplicity. Have an upvote! – Regexident Jun 12 '11 at 10:50

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