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I am using as a bbcode:

$text=preg_replace("/\[b\](.*?)\[\/b\]/i","<b>\\1</b>", $text);

But some ppl doing spam with this bb code like this:


I have mysql database storing this spam keyword. But it won't catch this link, because they use bbcode. How can I check if the contents is spam when it has bbcode markup?

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I suggest removing the bbcode and checking for the full word.

Also, you might want to use Akismet to verify that posts are not spam. PEAR has a Akismet package which makes interfacing the service very easy.

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If it is OK for you to block whole post/comment if it has spam keyword, then you can do this approach (sorry, no code here):

1) remove all bb codes and other formatting (e.g. html, if present)

2) work with plain text

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