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I'm using KDE, but I also use some GTK applications. When those GTK apps make a call to an external program, they use the preferred applications set for Gnome rather than the ones I've set.

One example is Gimp. From the Help menu, if I select anything from "GIMP Online" it opens the information in the default web browser. In KDE, my default web browser is Mozilla Firefox, but GTK applications open Opera.

Installing the gnome-control-center package would probably solve the problem, but that introduces a lot of unnecessary dependencies.

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You need to either install gconf-editor/dconf-editor and edit the relevant keys, or use the command-line tool to edit them.

Use the gconftool-2 to lookup and set the values. See on /desktop/gnome/applications and levels below for the right keys to change.

You can get a list of keys with:

gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/applications

See the gconftool-2 help pages for how to set the values to keys.

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Thanks for answering this old question. I actually gave up and installed Gnome, even though I only use it for changing Gnome/GTK settings. On my Kubuntu system, gconftool-2 is provided by the gconf2 package. – user166560 Sep 23 '11 at 5:32