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While connecting my Com-port using matlab, many a times(4 out of 5) I get an error

??? Error using ==> serial.fopen at 72 Port: COM21 is not available. Available ports: COM3, COM10, COM17, COM18.

However , sometimes it gets connected and responds as expected. Can anyone tell me whats the problem with this?

By the way , I am using this snippet to connect my microcontroller to PC through USB

s = serial('COM21');        //  code to initialize the req COM i.e. COM21 for me

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I ran into this issue before. It turns out MATLAB doesn't really handle plug-and-play very well, as evidenced by this thread:


Long story short: if you want MATLAB to detect a hardware change, you need to restart it. MATLAB seems to only look for devices when it starts up.

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