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I've got a django 1.2.5 site with several apps.

Bizarrely the admin site is only autodetecting the admin models for one app. I guess this could be caused by something raising an exception somewhere, but I can't find if this is happening. It seems that the file isn't even being loaded for the app that's missing.

Has anyone any idea how I can track down why it's not working? I should add that the admin models both used to be present, but I can't remember how long ago and what I've changed since then :-(

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Try importing your_app.admin for your missing app from the django shell. That should show you the traceback of any Exception that's raised.

[you@host]$ python shell
>>> from your_app import admin

If that doesn't show anything, do check that has actually been called for your model.

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got it thanks. i had a directory called 'admin' inside my app, and this was getting loaded instead of the file. – John Jun 12 '11 at 13:43

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