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I have a rake task that performs a shell command. When I run it from bash, the substitution worked, but when I run the rake task, the substitution did not take place.

My rake file:

require 'rake'
namespace 'performance_tests' do
  task :test_guests_generation do

    %x{sed -e 's/NO_OF_GUESTS = \[.*]/NO_OF_GUESTS = \[400, 10]/' -i '' db/seeds.rb}

Trying the command in Mac OS Terminal does perform the substitution:

$ sed -e 's/NO_OF_GUESTS = \[.*]/NO_OF_GUESTS = \[400, 10]/' -i '' db/seeds.rb
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Um... not sure to be honest. Have you tried escaping the spaces? Can you paste the line you are working on and the desired result?

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Escaping the spaces (and i escaped the backslash for good measure too) worked. It ended up looking like this: %x{sed -e 's/NO_OF_GUESTS\ =\ \[.*]/NO_OF_GUESTS\ =\ \[400,\ 10]/' -i '' db/seeds.rb } – cowdinosaur Jun 14 '11 at 2:33

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