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i run a python script whitch cache some data

self.cache.set('test', 'my sample data', 300)
data = self.cache.get('test')

this program will result in print of 'my sample data' ... everything its good, but when i try to access this key from php

$data = $this->cache->get('test');

i only get empty result so i check the server stats

$list = array();
$allSlabs = $this->cache->getExtendedStats('slabs');
$items = $this->cache->getExtendedStats('items');
foreach($allSlabs as $server => $slabs) {
    foreach($slabs AS $slabId => $slabMeta) {
        $cdump = $this->cache->getExtendedStats('cachedump',(int)$slabId);
            foreach($cdump AS $server => $entries) {
                if($entries) {
                foreach($entries AS $eName => $eData) {
                    $list[$eName] = array(
                        'key' => $eName,
                        'server' => $server,
                        'slabId' => $slabId,
                        'detail' => $eData,
                        'age' => $items[$server]['items'][$slabId]['age'],

and this key 'test' is there ... but i cannot access it

if i cache something in php i get the result everytime, but somehow this python + php cache wont work

if someone has an idea where could be a problem plese advice ... i try everything

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Could you include a relevant excerpt from the output of the 'check server stats' code snippet? – user212218 Jun 12 '11 at 14:22
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Could it be that the hashes don't match between PHP and Python? A solution is here: http://www.ruturaj.net/python-php-memcache-hash

Add the following to your Python script to change how hashes are calculated...

import memcache
import binascii
m = memcache.Client(['', '
', ''])

def php_hash(key):
    return (binascii.crc32(key) >> 16) & 0x7fff

for i in range(30):
       key = 'key' + str(i)
       a = m.get((php_hash(key), key))
       print i, a
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