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I want two connect two emulators and i wish to establish SOCKET connection between them. Problem i am facing is I have to use two different ip address for client and socket. Android emulator have static ip Is it possible to change the ip address? If not then how can i establish Socket connection between 2 emulators.

The program i have is working fine with two devices,but how to do it for two emulators

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Have you tried using different ports? You shouldn't need to use different IP addresses. – Ted Hopp Jun 12 '11 at 14:41
But in socket programming i have created a serversocket using device ip address and port number.then how can client on different device have different ip address.If server is listening on port number 8080 client have to send request on 8080 port only. – Nilesh Tupe Jun 13 '11 at 3:37
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Take a look at this thread, this thread, and the docs on port forwarding. Also take a look at this thread in Google Groups.

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Here's a coded example from a while back Connecting 2 Emulator instances In Android


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