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I have got an existing Rails project (Rails 2.3.8) and I got following Model with following attribute:

class School < ActiveRecord::Base

  def name
    read_attribute(:name).nil? ? 'default name' : self.name


I guessed the original author is trying to return a default value for name as default name in this code. But the problem is I have my code trying to access the name attribute:

school = School.find(1)


and I'm getting this error:

stack level too deep

I guess it's because it's calling the name method recursively. Can someone guide me on a workaround for this. Since this had many authors, I'm not sure where they have used the above method. And the system doesnt have any test suit either. Can someone please help me?

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You could do

def name
  read_attribute(:name).nil? ? 'default name' : read_attribute(:name)

Or more concisely

def name
  read_attribute(:name) || 'default name'
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thanks, it worked :D –  sameera207 Jun 13 '11 at 7:08

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