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Is it possible to have an AND in a foreach loop?

For Example,

foreach ($bookmarks_latest as $bookmark AND $tags_latest as $tags)
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I don't see what kind of situation would call for this. But you can't do it. What are you trying to do? – Rob Jun 12 '11 at 18:50
Refer to this other question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6313340/… – ritch Jun 12 '11 at 18:53
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You can always use a loop counter to access the same index in the second array as you are accessing in the foreach loop (i hope that makes sense).

For example:-

$i = 0;
foreach($bookmarks_latest as $bookmark){
   $result['bookmark'] = $bookmark;
   $result['tag'] = $tags_latest[$i];

That should achieve what you are trying to do, otherwise use the approach sugested by dark_charlie.

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Thanks, was just what I was looking for. – ritch Jun 12 '11 at 19:06

Short answer: no. You can always put the bookmarks and tags into one array and iterate over it.

Or you could also do this:

while ((list(, $bookmark) = each($bookmarks_latest)) && (list(,$tag) = each($tags_latest)) {
    // Your code here that uses $bookmark and $tag

The requested example for the one-array solution:

class BookmarkWithTag  {
  public var $bookmark;
  public var $tag;

// Use the class, fill instances to the array $tagsAndBookmarks

foreach ($tagsAndBookmarks as $bookmarkWithTag)  {
  $tag = $bookmarkWithTag->tag;
  $bookmark = $bookmarkWithTag->bookmark;
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Please can you provide an example of this. – ritch Jun 12 '11 at 18:51

you can't do that.

but you can

foreach($keyval as $key => $val) {
  // something with $key and $val

the above example works really well if you have a hash type array but if you have nested values in the array I recommend you:

or option 2

foreach ($keyval as $kv) {
 list($val1, $val2, $valn) = $kv;
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No, but there are many ways to do this, e.g:

foreach ($bookmarks_latest as $bookmark){
    $tags = current($tags_latest); next($tags_latest);
    // here you can use $bookmark and $tags
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No. No, it is not.

You'll have to manually write out a loop that uses indexes or internal pointers to traverse both arrays at the same time.

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Yes, for completeness:

foreach (array_combine($bookmarks_latest, $tags_latest) as $bookm=>$tag)

That would be the native way to get what you want. But it only works if both input arrays have the exact same length, obviously.

(Using a separate iteration key is the more common approach however.)

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