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I have two classes, Vat and Product. Product has a property of IVat. I am trying to use editor templates in MVC to display a dropdown list of all the Vat objects when creating/editing a Product. For the dear life of me I cannot get this working.

I have the following code which displays the dropdown but it does not set the Vat for the Product when the form gets submitted.


IList<IVatRate> vatRates = SqlDataRepository.VatRates.Data.GetAllResults();
ViewBag.VatRates = new SelectList(vatRates, "Id", "Description");


@Html.EditorFor(model => model.VatRate.Id, "VatSelector", (SelectList)ViewBag.VatRates)


@model SelectList
        String.Empty /* */,

I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this or even point me to a good example on the web somewhere...I have been stuck with this for quite a few days now.

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I would use strongly typed views and view models as it makes things so much easier rather than ViewBag.

So start with a view model:

public class VatRateViewModel
    public string SelectedVatRateId { get; set; }
    public IEnumerable<IVatRate> Rates { get; set; }

then a controller:

public class HomeController: Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        var model = new VatRateViewModel
            Rates = SqlDataRepository.VatRates.Data.GetAllResults()
        return View(model);

    public ActionResult Index(VatRateViewModel model)
        // model.SelectedVatRateId will contain the selected vat rate id


@model VatRateViewModel
@using (Html.BeginForm())
        x => x.SelectedVatRateId,
        new SelectList(Model.Rates, "Id", "Description")
    <input type="submit" value="OK" />

And if you wanted to use editor template for the VatRateViewModel you could define one in ~/Views/Shared/EditorTemplates/VatRateViewModel.cshtml:

@model VatRateViewModel
    x => x.SelectedVatRateId,
    new SelectList(Model.Rates, "Id", "Description")

and then whenever somewhere you have a property of type VatRateViewModel you could simply:

@Html.EditorFor(x => x.SomePropertyOfTypeVatRateViewModel)

which would render the corresponding editor template.

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Thanks for the answer. Does the editortemplate have a separate controller? If it does not then how would my Product's values get set, and if it does, where does it go and what should it be called? I tried this before and could not get it to work. – Pieter Jun 12 '11 at 21:37
Ok, LOTS of blood, sweat and tears later I FINALLY got it sorted. I had to add all my complex types to the ViewModel, as well as my product. Thanks again! – Pieter Jun 14 '11 at 19:31

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