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For no apparent reason, it just stopped. No more color-coding. Is there a mystery setting I accidentally turned off?

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It stopped completely, for every file? Or just for a certain file? Did it previously work with that file (under its current name)? –  delnan Jun 12 '11 at 20:21

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  1. Check, if you have saved the documents as .HTML and not as .txt
  2. in the menu, choose Settings>Style configurator... and in the list in the left pan select html, check if the colors for different tags are being shown in the color blocks. if yes, chosse a font and then save and exit.

  3. Check only after you save the document in .html, whether it is working or not.

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This answer is very similar to some of the older answers. When answering an old question you need to add significant extra information, just writing the same as an existing answer is not helpful. Such answers are likely to be poorly received. –  AdrianHHH Jul 20 at 11:48

Make sure that when you save the file it's saved as an .html instead of a .txt. This make a difference because the .html allows you to see the different colour codes whereas .txt doesn't.

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In the Language menu select your corresponding language. For example H and then html

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The solution for me was to go into the Style Configurator, select the 'Global Styles' from the Language selection box and uncheck the 'Enable global foreground colour' option. I am not sure why that was checked, but all of the code coloring worked after unchecking it. Thanks Richard!

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I had the same problem and discovered it was because I had enabled global foreground color under Global Styles.

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This right here was the answer ^_^ –  blakev Sep 16 '13 at 6:02

I had the same problem (I Googled "notepad++ file coloring quit" to find this discussion.) In my case the coloring quit mid file in a single file. I finally realized that adjacent string literals with one of them a macro was fooling Notepad++. My code that broke it read: Write_Supplemental_Configuration(privateData->new_config, FTP_ROOT_DIR"/lists.csv"); and the fix was to add a space after the macro: Write_Supplemental_Configuration(privateData->new_config, FTP_ROOT_DIR "/lists.csv");

I tried replacing the macro FTP_ROOT_DIR with "foo" and the problem went away.

So in my case it was a macro that fooled the Notepad++ coloring.

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This has happened to me quite often while editing extremely large files or when scrolling rapidly through files. It seems that the highlighting doesn't keep up at times. –  Nilpo Jan 10 '12 at 18:45

Have a look in Settings -> Style Configurator. Maybe your styles got messed up somehow. You could try changing the selected style to see if it makes a difference.

I think the saved styles are stored in the "themes" directory under your Notepad++ installation directory, so you could also check that the files have not become corrupted in some way.

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Try out the following:

  1. Select a language manually from the "Languages" menu.
  2. In Settings/Preferences, check the File Associatons.
  3. In worst case, reinstall.
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