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Is there a way to port Snort to Android OS? I have already ported libpcap to Android and I have made some simple native sniffers which worked perfectly.To do this, I used the NDK development kit that offers you some tools for cross compiling C programs to ARM architecture.

Is this possible to do it for Snort. I know that Snort is a big project that contains many source files and uses many modules such as Libpcap, PCRE, Libdnet, Barnyard2, DAQ. I am wondering if is there a way to build this code for Android.. E.g. by statically link all this modules.. Moreover an other potential problem may be the fact that Android uses a subset of libc (bionic), so maybe some basic functions are not available..

Have anyone done it before? Or, can some one give me some help on how to start?

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I have already ported Libpcap, PCRE, Libdnet and DAQ. I couldn't do the same for Barnyard2.. Moreover I tried to put them all together with Snort.. without success.. –  Thanasis Petsas Jun 14 '11 at 8:58

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Lack of exception handling and STL was very painful when i ported using NDK. As snort is C based, that shouldn't be the case. I guess unicode handling (as ndk doesnt support wide char functionality) can get tricky.

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if you have already ported it, please show me the way.. –  Thanasis Petsas Jun 13 '11 at 11:48

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