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I just saw this question in an interview test I took few days back, I have the following table

Region Company Sales ratio_of_sales_in_region  percentile_in_region
 NA     A1      1000            0.25                25
 NA     A2      1000             0.25                50
 NA     A3      1000             0.25                75
 NA     A4      1000             0.25                100 
 EU     B1      2000            0.5                  50
 EU     B2      1000             0.25                75
 EU     B3      1000             0.25                100

I need to extract the 30th percentile company and sales for each region the result would be

Region  30th_percentile_company  30th_percentile_sales
NA           A2                       (1000*0.25 + 500 * 0.05)
EU           B1                        2000    (as B1 accounts for more than 30%)

The query would need to check for the above conditions like does a company already account for more than 30% and also take the weight for 30 percentile sales for each region.

EDIT : I have tried to explain what percentile means by adding a new column. I was confused but I saw the result table that was asked and it made it clear as to what they meant by 30th percentile

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Do you mean 30th percentile companies per region in terms of sales, with sales figures? (note, plural). –  George W Bush Jun 12 '11 at 21:33
yes... there may be two companies that make the 30th percentile sales company like for region NA I have taken the weight accordingly. But the 30th percentile company is only one . –  dasman Jun 12 '11 at 21:36
Is it 30th percentile of companies, or companies who have a 30th percentile of sales? –  George W Bush Jun 12 '11 at 21:39
hey, your table changed on me. your last two columns in table one need an explanation –  George W Bush Jun 12 '11 at 21:41
@hamlin11 chekc the column percentile_in_region for NA both A1 & A2 make up 30th percentile but the 30th percentile company is A2. –  dasman Jun 12 '11 at 21:41

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   MIN(Company) as [30th_percentile_company],  --potentially, two companies would from the same region would have the exact same percentile_in_region.
   MIN(percentile_in_region) as percentile_in_region
   percentile_in_region > 30
) a

   TableName T1
   T1.Region = a.Region
   AND T1.percentile_in_region = a.precentile_in_region

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