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I am new to nhibernate. I am developing a small c# application, using the repository pattern. In my repository I've implemented a simple hook to detect when the entity is being saved. I call the entity's event handler to perform whatever operation the entity might need.

My problem is, that I also use the SaveOrUpdate method. Since I merely need to call the event handler on just save operations, I cannot differentiate between the save or the update in the SaveOrUpdate call.

So, in short, Is there any simple way to figure what operations will be performed - will it be a save, or an update?

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nHibernate will call a Save method if the ID of the entity is not set, otherwise will call Update method.

Look here:

SaveOrUpdate Vs Update and Save in NHibernate

"SaveOrUpdate() looks at the identifier and decides what is necessary in the above."

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I see, well if there any way for me to detect cascading saves and run an action once they are complete? – vondip Jun 13 '11 at 2:58
I think you can try looking for Interceptor class. Interceptor allows you to control base NHibernate method overriding OnSave, OnFlushDirty and so on.… – danyolgiax Jun 13 '11 at 7:02

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