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I have a control that renders dynamically and renders where the custom mark up tag is located. The code snippet below is when the custom mark up tag has been set. There are types we do not need to register the control prefix and market to render. (*YES IT DOES WORK...)

<%@ Register TagPrefix="CC " Namespace=" CustomServerControlsLib " Assembly="CustomServerControlsLib " 

<CC:SimpleServerControl id="ctlSimpleControl" runat="server" />

My question.. is there a way on the server side (on initial rendering of the aspx page) to identify if the developer set the control to rendering dynamically or they are using the markup tag using the .Net library control, not declaring a server side property and making the developer set the Boolean on it

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You're asking whether the control was created in markup or in code? What value is there in knowing where/how the control was created? –  BenSwayne Oct 26 '11 at 3:47

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