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I am running a PHP page and as soon as I introduce calls like this: $_GET('') then everything goes wrong and I get an error 500.

This code goes not work:

    echo $_GET('username');
    echo $_GET('password');


This code does:



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$_GET is not a function, it's an array. Back to the beginners manual you.... :) – Wrikken Jun 12 '11 at 23:10

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Use this:

echo "Username: ".$_GET['username']."<br />Password: ".$_GET['password'];

Since $_GET is a array and not a function, you need to use [square brackets] instead of (normal brackets) to retrieve the data out of a array.

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The above code has syntax errors - you need to use square brackets.

The web server's error logs will show you those errors if you have access to them.

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To figure out what the problem is you need to turn on php error reporting. You do this by running this the first thing you do in your php-file:


E_ALL means the interpreter will show you errors, warnings and notices. After that, everything will be pretty obvious since php will tell you what went wrong.

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