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I want to create my first web application in rails with mongodb but I am having some troubles with proper integration. Firstly, here is my database.yml file:

  adapter: mongodb
  database: mongo_development
  host: localhost

  adapter: mongodb
  database: mongo_test
  host: localhost

  adapter: mongodb
  database: mongo_production
  host: localhost

In one of several tutorials I saw a activerecord model equivalent - MongoMapper. For example my User model:

class User
  include MongoMapper::Document

  key :name, String
  key :age,  Integer

  many :books

I also added mongodb.rb to config/initializers:

db_config = YAML::load( + "/config/database.yml"))

if db_config[Rails.env] &&
  db_config[Rails.env]['adapter'] == 'mongodb'
  mongo = db_config[Rails.env]
  MongoMapper.connection =['hostname'])
  MongoMapper.database = mongo['database']

I've created controller for the user:

class UsersController < ApplicationController

  def index
    user = => 'Brandon') => 'Programming', :started => 10.years.ago)!
    puts User.where(:name => 'Brandon').first    

But I'm still getting an error :

Please install the mongodb adapter: `gem install activerecord-mongodb-adapter` (no such file to load -- active_record/connection_adapters/mongodb_adapter)

My installed gems:

 abstract (1.0.0)
 actionmailer (3.0.7)
 actionpack (3.0.7)
 activemodel (3.0.7)
 activerecord (3.0.7)  
 activeresource (3.0.7)
 activesupport (3.0.8, 3.0.7)
 mongo (1.3.1)
 mongo_mapper (0.9.1)
 rails (3.0.7)
 railties (3.0.7)
 rake (0.9.2)
 rubygems-update (1.8.5)

Can anyone help?


I removed mongodb.rb initializer, database.yml and used rails g mongo_mapper:config.It created file mongo.yml:

defaults: &defaults
   port: 27017

   <<: *defaults
   database: mongo_db_app_development

   <<: *defaults
   database: mongo_db_app_tests

# set these environment variables on your prod server
   <<: *defaults
   database: mongo_db_app
   username: <%= ENV['MONGO_USERNAME'] %>
   password: <%= ENV['MONGO_PASSWORD'] %>

But i got error: No such file or directory - /home/adm/NetBeansProjects/MongoDBApp/config/database.yml

So I copied a contents of mongo.yml file to database.yml and I got error:

ActiveRecord::AdapterNotSpecified database configuration does not specify adapter

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3 Answers 3

MongoMapper is a full replacement for ActiveRecord--it's not simply an adapter.

Run rails g mongo_mapper:config and that will create a mongo.yml config file for MongoMapper and you won't need the mongodb.rb initializer. Also, you'll have to remove the adapter: mongodb from your database.yml, otherwise ActiveRecord will keep looking for a non-existant mongodb adapter.

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I answered a different question before on integrating mongodb on top of another db in this question:

How to configure MongoMapper and ActiveRecord in same Ruby Rails Project

You can follow that and leave out the part that applies to ActiveRecord.

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I recently wrote an article to build rails 3.0 project on mongodb.Rails 3.0 and mongoDB

Hope this is useful..

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