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There are two computers established communication via a hub.

If MyAPP.exe exist on Computer A, Assume I want to notify a message window (Pop-up window) on Computer B if MyAPP.exe error occurred. Could I show alert message with Message.Show() on computer B desktop? I remote computer A with 'Remote Desktop Connection' currently. That's why I want the feature.

Appreciated for your reply and comment.

WindowsXP and C#2.0 used.

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You can use the external msg program or net send. The former is part of the Terminal Server suite; the second is built in Windows XP, but was removed in later versions of Windows.

msg username /server:computerA "There was an error!"

You can use Process.Start to run an external program.

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The msg command only works if you are connected to a terminal server. I have just tried using msg to send a message from one computer to another and it doesn't work. –  abhi Dec 20 '11 at 18:59

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