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I have big problem with time sum, my table is something like this

| User_ID |StartTime|EndTime  | TimeDiff |
|    1    |08:00:00 |09:00:00 | 01:00:00 |
|    1    |09:00:00 |10:00:00 | 01:00:00 |
|    2    |06:30:00 |07:00:00 | 00:30:00 |
|    2    |07:00:00 |09:00:00 | 02:00:00 |
|    2    |09:00:00 |10:00:00 | 01:00:00 |

with sql syntax:

SELECT user_ID, TIME(SUM(TIMEDIFF(EndTime,StartTime)))
from timeTable
WHERE timeTable.user_ID=3387

in excel for my real data as result of sum I get 169:24:00, but in mysql I get 164:04:00

Where are my 5 hours and 20 minutes?



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1. Are you sure excel is accurate? 2. Are you sure you have the exact same data in excel and mysql? 3. If you use TIME_TO_SEC, then you probably don't need to use TIMEDIFF anymore... –  jswolf19 Jun 13 '11 at 3:53
Well, excel was accurate until now, I 've checked several times data in excel and data in mysql and it is same, tried with SELECT SUM(SUBTIME(Endtime,StartTime)) ... and I got same result. –  Marjan Jun 13 '11 at 9:23

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Having dealt with enough date and time calculations in Excel, I would trust the total from MySQL and not the one from Excel. The way Excel handles time calculations is very unreliable and is prone to lose a few hours in large sums as it uses fractions to represent hours and minutes instead of using a proper data structure. I have this post and its parent post to show this.

To answer your question, the lost 5 hours and 20 minutes are in the rounding of the fractions in Excel.

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