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I got a little problem, cause i'm writting an app with android that make use of bluetooth, so i have discovered that with bluetooth the socket is syncronous, like, to send message i have to receive or to receive i have to send... but it's ok, but what is not okey is that when i get one "inputStream.read()" and the other part don't send nothing and still wait to me send something i can't send because inputStream.read() block my communication (ever if i make the send in other thread) and it kill my app... so i want to know how to make or if it is possible to make an asynchronous communication with bluetooth in android? i tried the bluetooth chat example of android but i don't see output streams in this example...

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Not an embedded question see stackoverflow.com/tags/embedded/info –  ʎəʞo uɐɪ Jun 14 '11 at 9:31
To implement asynchronous socket communication requires use of the select(), poll(), or epoll() system calls, which determine whether a socket is ready for reading or writing. I'm not sure how one would do that in Android Java. In general, asynchronous socket programming is tricky. What exactly are you trying to do? There may be a simpler way of implementing it. –  Zhehao Mao Jun 15 '11 at 17:53

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