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I am trying to write an custom SwingUtilities.InvokeandWait event , containing Textarea and Button ,so the once the user paste the data into Textarea and click button . Till then control should not go down ,but couldn't make it work correctly.

I figured out the best way would be using an dialog message , so now i am trying add a bigger TextArea instead of single line textfield in the InputDialogBox. I also tried to create a custome Dialog box but the InvokeandWait even just triggers the dialog box and goes to next lines which i dont want.

I need help from experts 1. way to add a Textarea instead of single line textfield in inputdialog (or) 2. way to handle the custom dialog till i press ok button in it and then control goes to next line of the program .

Thanks everyone in advance. Thanks for all your time and help.

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A JDialog is just like a JFrame. You can add any component to it that your want.

Also, you don't use invokeAndWait(). Just make the dialog modal and it will work the way you want.

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One simple example to create a Custom Dialog -

public class CustomDiaglogBox extends JFrame
    // Variables declaration
    private JLabel jLabel_Item;
    private JLabel jLabel_Value;
    public static JButton jButton_Add;
    private JPanel contentPane;
    public static JComboBox combo_item;
    public static JComboBox combo_value;
    public static JTextField text_Value;        
    public static JTextArea textArea_desc;      
    // End of variables declaration    

    public CustomDiaglogBox()

    private void create()
        jLabel_Item = new JLabel();
        jLabel_Value = new JLabel();
        jLabel_Description = new JLabel();
        combo_value = new JComboBox();
        text_Value = new JTextField();          
        textArea_desc = new JTextArea(20,20);
        combo_item = new JComboBox(new String[]{""});
        jButton_Add = new JButton();
        contentPane = (JPanel)this.getContentPane();    
        // jLabel1
        //jLabel_Item.setForeground(new Color(0, 0, 255));
        // jLabel2
    //  jLabel_Value.setForeground(new Color(0, 0, 255));

        // jButton1
        jButton_Add.setBackground(new Color(204, 204, 204));
        jButton_Add.setForeground(new Color(0, 0, 255));
        jButton_Add.addActionListener(new AddTagWidnowListener());      //
        // contentPane
        addComponent(contentPane, jLabel_Item, 5,10,106,18);
        addComponent(contentPane, jLabel_Value, 5,47,97,18);
        addComponent(contentPane, new JLabel("Description"), 5,87,97,18);
        addComponent(contentPane, combo_item, 110,10,183,22);
        addComponent(contentPane, combo_value, 110,45,183,22);
        addComponent(contentPane, new JScrollPane(textArea_desc), 110,75,183,62);
        addComponent(contentPane, jButton_Add, 150,145,83,28);          
        this.setTitle("MY CUSTOM DIALOG");
        this.setLocation(new Point(276, 182));
        this.setSize(new Dimension(335, 221));
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