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Using the jquery.validate (1.8.1) library and the ASP MVC3 RTM jquery.validate.ubobtrusive library, I'm wondering if there is a hook available where one could inject some additional logic to occur post-validation, but before the actual form is submitted.

In other words: the form is being submitted, the validation runs (doing whatever it normally does), validation finds no reason to stop the form from submitting, Run My Code Here, then submit as normal.

I know I could handle the form's submit event and do something like:

$('#MyForm').submit(function() {
    if (!$(this).valid())
       return false;

    // My Code Here

... calling the validation myself and then, if successful, put in my own logic. But I feel this is dirty. How do I know that this is the only code going on in the jquery.validate's submit handler? Even if this is the only code running, do I really want to duplicate it? I would much rather not have to mirror what the validation library does on submit; I would just like to inject myself after the validation happens, but before the form submits -- like binding to a mythical $('#MyForm').lastPossibleMomentBeforeSubmit(function() { // My Code Here }); event.

Any pointers on where this "My Code Here" should be go?

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If you were just using jquery.validate you could use the success call back like this:

$(function () {
       success : function(error) {
           // additional logic

However, because you're using jquery.validate.ubobtrusive sadly this can't be done directly because jquery.validate.ubobtrusive hides the call to .validate from you internally.

Instead you need to get the settings/options object that jquery.validate.ubobtrusive passed to .validate, capture it's existing success handler, and replace it with your own that calls the original and does own additional functionality like this:

$(function () {
            var settings = $('form').data('validator').settings,
                originalSuccess = settings.success;
            settings.success = function (error) {
                // additional logic
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I believe you can do something like this.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("#MyFormform").validator().bind("onSuccess", function(e, els) {
         //Code to run after validation succeeds
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Not sure what framework you are referencing here. Do you have a link to this onSuccess method documentation? Doing just $('#MyForm').validator() is an error, so I'm not sure what you are getting at here. Are you sure this is for jquery.validate / jquery.validate.ubobtrusive? – ckittel Jun 13 '11 at 15:40

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