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select docket_number,aging from (
    select docket_number, 
        sum(cast(dateDiff("mi",assigned,coalesce(completed,getdate()))/60.00 as decimal(20,2))) aging

    from ft_details_h 

    group by docket_number
)a where aging case  when  @hh <= 72 then  <= @hh else  > @hh end

hi guys how can i satisfy the where statement when the parameter @hh is less than or = to 72 the where statement should be aging <= @hh and when the aging is greater than 72 the where statement should be aging >@hh

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There's a 'dead zone' with this kind of condition. Don't know what type is aging but let's suppose it's an int. Also let aging = 73 and @hh = 73. Is a row with this aging going to be selected? Let's see. @hh <= 72? No, 73 is not less than or equal to 72. aging > @hh? 73 is not greater than 73, so again, no. I think, it should be (using the original pseudo-code) where aging case when @hh <= 72 then <= @hh else >= @hh end. –  Andriy M Jun 13 '11 at 11:57

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You could do something like this:

    (@hh <= 72 and aging <= @hh) or
    (@hh > 72 and aging > @hh)
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As you wrote your question, try:

   where (aging <= @hh And @hh <= 72) Or 
         (aging > @hh And aging > 72)

but Im suspicious you have a typo and actually meant

   where (aging <= @hh And @hh <= 72) Or 
         (aging > @hh  And @hh > 72)
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