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Is there a way that a user request properties.xml from public directory (http://railssite/public/xml/properties.xml) which is generated dynamically from the database: Content.all(:conditions=>"created_at > ?", - 2.hours)

P.S. at no time, it was ever saved in that location physically. Rather generating-streaming-deleting the file which might cause the synchronization issues, I want the xml file generated for each request in application working memory and stream it to the client from the app's public path (so at the client side, an xml file is received and it cannot be judged if it is a dynamic file)

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After some experimentation with routes, I am able to get the desired result. Now, in routes file, I got: '/public/xml/properties.xml', :controller=>'sites', :action=>'properties' and in site controller's properties method I have: respond_to { |format| format.xml { render :xml => Content.all(:conditions=>"created_at > ?", - 2.hours), :location => "/public/xml/properties.xml" }} P.S. hope it might help somebody else who is working with dynamic xml-driven component with ROR! – abm Jun 13 '11 at 4:35
Do you mean real streaming? Post your current controller code, it's needed there – apneadiving Jun 13 '11 at 7:42

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