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Objective-C is a language like Smalltalk, but weakly, dynamically typed language. And I can note type of each message parameter at in-place optionally.

It's important as a kind of documentation (at least for me). If optional type marking on method signiture is possible on Smalltalk, it should be great for me.

I don't care about compiler LINT check. I'm wishing just a feature noting parameter types on the source code with regular syntax. Regular syntax or preprocessors. Please let me know anything.

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there is no such thing in standard Smalltalk. Quite often people choose parameter name that also hints it's type like in:

move: anDisplacementInteger

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I would add that specifying a type goes against Smalltalk: when you need an object, you don't ask for a type, but for an object that answers to a set of messages. It is not the best for documentation, but it works really well if your code is decoupled from th implementation of the object passed in parameter. – Géal Jun 13 '11 at 9:35

In addition to Davorin's point of documenting through comments or type-revealing parameter names, there is always the possibility of extending Compiler to support type annotation.

Efficient Multimethods in a Single Dispatch Language shows how Foote et al extended Compiler to support multimethods in Smalltalk, and uses the technique of annotating methods thusly:

    add: aVisualComponent <BorderWrapper>
    borderedIn: aLayoutObject

In particular, the paper's technique does not enforce the annotations throughout the image, so you could annotate only your methods.

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You may be interested in the Etoiles project which allows the same object to execute methods in Smalltalk, Objective-C and Objective-C++.

There will be a presentation on this at the 19th International Smalltalk Conference in Edinburgh at end-August.

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