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I'm writing a game for a Windows 7 Phone using XNA 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 Pro and the built in Windows 7 Phone Emulator. I downloaded a couple of GameState samples but I get very low FPS, even with no real graphics work going on. It stutters between 30, 15, then 10, just generally slow.

My computer's not a screamer but I have a Core I5 2.4ghz laptop and 4gb of RAM, so I gotta think it can keep up with whatever hardware is on a phone.

Any ideas? Is this normal? Maybe my way of measuring FPS is wrong (I use fps=1/gametime.elapsedtime.totalseconds)?

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In order to calculate your FPS, you can use this code:

//time since last FPS update in seconds
    float deltaFPSTime = 0;

    protected override void Update()
        // The time since Update was called last
        float elapsed = (float)ElapsedTime.TotalSeconds;

        float fps = 1 / elapsed;
        deltaFPSTime += elapsed;
        if (deltaFPSTime>1)

            Window.Title = "I am running at  <" + fps.ToString()+"> FPS";
        // Let the GameComponents update

Check for more samples of FPS counters there.

With this code in place, test if you're still getting weird results.

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