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I'm really trying to understand CakePHP's naming conventions and the following isn't entirely intuitive to me.

Let's say I have two pieces of information:

videos - specific information about video
category - list of categories with id, title, description

How would I structure my tables? My first instinct is:


Is this right?

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It is worth noting that video_categories will work just fine, if you use a little bit more configuration. I, for example, prefer it over the convention categories_videos, as it is more clear what belongs to what. But always try to go with conventions first, and only strive from them, if it makes sense to do so afterwards and if you can decide that with more then intuition. –  mark Sep 21 at 9:31

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It should be:

  • videos
  • categories
  • categories_videos (plural model names in alphabetical order for HABTM)

If your videos can only belong to one category, forgo the categories_videos table and just put a category_id field into the videos table.


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Perfect, thank you. :) –  David Ryder Jun 13 '11 at 10:03
Broken link... here's the one for version2.x book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/getting-started/… –  Fernando Silva Mar 13 at 1:34

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