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I have a latitude and longitude in degrees and I want to convert these into radians. How can I do that?

P.S. I am using sphinx search engine and it requires values in radians

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While this does involve simple math, I believe it is still valid to ask if this feature is implemented in Ruby's standard libraries. –  Nicolas McCurdy Oct 25 '13 at 1:47

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Just the same way you convert degrees to radians in real life:

radians = degrees * Math::PI / 180 
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There are 360 degrees and 2 pi radians in a circle. So to convert degrees to radians, divide by 360 and multiply by 2 * pi (approx. 6.28).

Or equivalently, divide by 180 and multiply by pi.

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Well, you could Google 'Convert degrees to radians'. This gives immediately pi/180:

1 degrees = 0.0174532925 radians

Rgds, Martin

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