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Is there any known effort to build a generic software framework/library for building distributed/P2P systems on the wider internet[1]? Something that ideally should provide basic services such as peer autodiscovery, autoconfiguration (wrt NAT/firewall issues, bootstrapping), fault-tolerance (churn-resistance, adaptivity, replication), differentiated transports (reliable, unreliable, unicast, anycast, multicast, broadcast), basic storage (DHT-like) and events notification (pubsub).

So, basically something like Hazelcast but not limited to walled-garden server-to-server applications. This would be tremendously useful to easily build distributed applications.

[1] with "wider internet" I mean the public internet, including mobile, residential, eventually connected and possibly byzantine endpoints

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you will find different option and technologies depending on the framework you want to use.

For instance for Java based applications you might want to have a look at the JXTA technology.

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what c++ based application.Is there any framework for c++ for p2p –  Chris_vr Jun 20 '11 at 17:38

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