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I'm struggling to get a unit test working for one of my classes. I want to inject my factory instead of the autogenerated factory the autofac resolves to. How do I register my own function as the delegate to replace the autogenerated delegate factory?

My code looks something like this is outline form:

interface IEntryImporter { ... }

class EntryImporter : IEntryImporter {
    public EntryImporter(ISeries series, IMatch match, Entry.Factory entryFactory) {

interface IEntry : { ... }
class Entry : IEntry {
    public delegate IEntry Factory();
    public Entry() { ... }

interface IMatch : { ... }
class Match : IMatch { ... }

interface ISeries : { ... }
class Series : ISeries { ... }

void IEntry MyEntryFactory() {
    var entry = new Mock<IEntry>();
    return entry.Object;

void TestMe() {
    ContainerBuilder builder = new ContainerBuilder();

    var series = new Mock<ISeries>(MockBehavior.Strict);

    var match = new Mock<IMatch>(MockBehavior.Strict);

    // How to register MyEntryFactory as Entry.Factory for autofac to resolve?

    using(var container = builder.Build()) {
        var importer = container.Resolve<IEntryImporter>();
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You can register your own method for use as the mock entry factory as follows:

builder.Register<Entry.Factory>(c => MyEntryFactory).As<Entry.Factory>();

I have got your sample working as part of Autofac Answers on GitHub.

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