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I just want to know how I can change asm instructions in the IDA-view A:

  1. How to edit instructions(for instance: jnz to jmp)?
  2. How to insert new instructions(call func1, call func2 inserted to existing code)?

I know how to make dif files, I know how to apply the changes on my DLL, but how can I "make the difference"? How can I edit the code in IDA?

I learned how to modify a DLL:

  1. Modify code(how?)
  2. Generate dif file.
  3. Apply the code modifications to the DLL with the dif file and a script.
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possible duplicate of IDA Pro and editing executables – Bo Persson Jun 13 '11 at 16:57
  1. There is a Edit / Patch menu that used to be shown by default but that is hidden in recent IDA releases. If it is your case, edit the cfg/idagui.cfg file, look for the DISPLAY_PATCH_SUBMENU = NO line and change the setting. On the next IDA session, you will be able to change single byte / word values or assemble some code like in OllyDbg.
  2. Once you have patched your database, go to File / Produce file / Create DIF file, it will let you create a simple diff file in the form offset / value before / value after (it is not the common diff file format)
  3. To apply the dif file to an existing file, you can use the source code of a dif file patcher that was released in the IDA Pro Book

HTH :o)

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Try IDA Pro 6.1 or 6.2. It has the ability to write the changes to the input file directly.

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How ? I couldn't find it in IDA. – Pâris Douady Jan 1 at 18:40

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