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I would like to know if there is any command available to get the SHA id of a particular file on a given specific git branch on the GIT remote server?

Thanks, Srinivas

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git lsremote is one of the few commands running against a remote repo, as explained in "Show git logs for range of commits on remote server?".
But it will only display SHA1 on refs (tags, branches, ...), not a specific file.

For a file, you need first to fetch the remote repo, and then you can query your information on a specific file.

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Thanks for the reply..

I got below command working to meet my scenario for now.. but trying to see if there is any direct command to find the latest ID of a file on remote server...

git log 'branch-name' -- 'file-name'

which displaying log messages with ID, Author and Date.. I am fetching the top first line with unix pipe head command.

git log 'branch-name' -- 'file-name' | head -1

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Please update your question instead of writing additional informations in answer (which it's not) – MBO Jun 14 '11 at 6:59

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