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I have a report with 6 tables which use 6 different datasets. Each of the tables has a total row.

What I need is a way to produce a "recap" table - a table which will have all the totals from previous tables. The DataSets are completely different and it could be really hard to merge them all in one grand dataset which would make recap table implementation easy.

Is there a way to reference the totals from other tables in a report?

Or maybe to have 6 parameters which would hold the values of the table totals but without running the queries multiple time(once for the table and once for the parameter) as they could be extensive?

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I ended using a tablix with a total in each row. For expressions I use =SUM(Field!MyField.Value , "DataSet1")

I calculate the grand total of totals via code similar to Create Sum of calculated rows in Microsoft Reporting Services

It isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it gets the job done.

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