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I'm trying to purchase test item-id "android.test.purchased", to check my billing integration. But got the following error: Error from backend., Response=BAD_REQUEST


06-13 13:00:53.521: INFO/ActivityManager(30174): Starting activity: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW (has extras) }
06-13 13:00:54.101: INFO/ActivityManager(30174): Displayed activity 514 ms (total 514 ms)
06-13 13:00:55.281: DEBUG/vending(21943): [26] ApiException: Error from backend., Response=BAD_REQUEST
06-13 13:00:55.281: ERROR/vending(21943): [26] BasePurchaseActivity.onPurchasePostError(): PurchasePost error
06-13 13:00:55.291: INFO/vending(21943): [1] BaseAction.displayErrorUi(): Server error in Error from backend., Response=BAD_REQUEST
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To avoid this error you need to upload your application to google market. But you don't need to publish it, just upload.

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