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I have some service (c# 4.0) that needs to get a data from another company. The data is in file with .xls or .txt formats. So I have two choices to receive it through web service or ftp. Web service of the company is just a repository of .xls and .txt files located in the secure section. Representatives of company says that ftp seems to be the best option because it is a 'push' service. Unfortunately I can't to understand yet how to use ftp 'push' service to get the data by my service. So I ask for your advice. Maybe someone have faced with this or know where I can get a look to find any useful information about it. Any post is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Dima.

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i think its better to use Ftp ,because its specially for file transfer in network,this link can help you How to: Download Files with FTP

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Hello DeveloperX, thanks for your post, but the problem is that I need to know when I can download the file. I try to understand what mean ftp 'push' service, maybe I need to subscribe to some events that triggered, when file is ready or something else. Thanks for your post again and if you have any idea of it, it's welcome. – Dima Shmidt Jun 13 '11 at 10:25

I would understand the ftp 'push' service in that way, that you host a FTP server and your client will upload the files using a ftp client. In this way they would push the files to your server.

You just need to run a service (not WebService) or a program which checks if new files arrive. A quick web search revealed that you don't need to implement a busy waiting, the FileSystemWatcher object should help you [1]. Within this program you could use you already existing services.


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Hello Michael, thanks for your post. I'll take a note that you offer. – Dima Shmidt Jun 14 '11 at 6:12

So, we have deployed the ftp server and gave login and password to this server to another company. And this company will send the file with data to this server and our service, if file exists, takes it and save in our db for further manipulation. Thanks for everyones help.

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