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I do a bulk insert.Is the below command correct??

sqlplus -U user_tr -P metro -S TUS234 -D TransportDB  -SILENT -INPUTFILE rollout.txt -OUTPUTFILE sql.out

The input file cotains a bulk of insert statements.I want to execute those and the result must be in the output file.This was my attempt.

So far everything went well in the script,but I am unable to open the o/p file.

Error opening the o/p file

Is the command problem where the specification is wrong?

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I don't recognise the syntax you are using - see the SQL Plus docs. As far as I know there are no command line flags like -U, -P, -INPUT, -OUTPUT in SQL Plus.

You can start SQL Plus and run a script from the command line like this:

sqlplus -silent myusername/mypassword@mydatabase @myscript.txt 

I think the syntax to write all output to a file is OS-dependent, but something like:

sqlplus -silent myusername/mypassword@mydatabase @myscript.txt > output.txt

Alternatively, you can add SQL Plus SPOOL commands inside the script.

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