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I want to declare a hashmap in javascript with <String, String array> instead of <String,Integer>. How can that be done ?

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If you plan to use a javascript Array object, be aware that an array index can only be accessed via integers.

var arr = [];
arr['person'] = 'John Smith';

alert(arr.length); // returns 0, not an array anymore;


var arr = [];
arr[0] = 'John Smith';

alert(arr.length); // returns 1, still an array;

The above would work in javascript, but var arr actually is not an array object anymore. You cannot sort it, for example.

So for you hashmap you could do

var map = new Object();

map['person'] = [];
map['person']['test'] = 'myvalue';
map['person']['test2'] = 'myvalue2';

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You'd better use var arr = {}; –  Marcel Korpel Jun 13 '11 at 11:00
You'd better not use new Object(), it's not as optimized as {} (I know, micro-optimizations are not worth the hassle) and someone might have overridden Object. –  Marcel Korpel Jun 13 '11 at 12:19

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