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I have the following methods in my controller:

def create
  @user = User.new(params[:user])
    if @user.save        
      redirect_to log_in_path, notice: 'Signed up!'
      render "new"

def destroy
  @user = User.find(params[:id])
    redirect_to users_path, notice: 'User was deleted.'

and specs:

describe "POST 'create'" do
  it "should allow create user" do
    @user = Factory(:user)
    post 'create', :id => @user
    response.should be_success

describe "DELETE 'destroy'" do     
  it "should delete the user" do
    @user = Factory(:user)
    delete "destroy", :id => @user
    response.should redirect_to users_path

I don't understand why the test for create method is passing even if there is a redirect right after the object is saved. if i set:

  response.should redirect_to log_in_path

as expectation the test will fail, same for destroy method, if I switch expectation to:

response.should be_success

it will fail. Any suggestions? Thanks

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The actual response of your create action is 200 OK (even with your model being invalid and not saved) and that's what you are testing right now.

Other than that, your create test is no good. Create action takes user hash as param, not the user's id. You probably want something like this:

  it "should allow create user" do
    @user = Factory.attributes_for(:user)
    post 'create', :user => @user
    @user.persisted?.should be_true
    response.should be_redirect
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