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I have database in MySQL V5. I wants to import and export data to MySQL using File Maker pro 11 without creating any file.i.e. I want direct connection between File Maker and MySQL. Please help me......

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I can highly recommend the Open Source Databases ODBC driver from Actual Technologies. It's a Mac OS X ODBC driver that I've used it on multiple occasions to connect FileMaker to a MySQL database. With it you can create a "shadow table" that actually shows data from the MySQL database and import from a FileMaker table to a MySQL table using the standard script steps for import and export. This is the ESS that Sam was speaking of. For the Windows equivalent, see FileMaker's list of ODBC drivers.

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We have a JDBC Plugin for that. You can do a SELECT query on your MySQL DB, then loop over the returned rows and read values out. It also supports dumping the SELECT to a txt file, which you can then import.

For importing into MySQL, your best bet is to do INSERT/UPDATE queries.

Also, you might consider using ESS, which is FileMaker's built-in way of talking to MySQL.

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