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How can the following C function be wrapped with SWIG?

int add_option(const unsigned char *data);

Currently I get this wrapped to:

public static int add_option(SWIGTYPE_p_unsigned_char data);

Is it possible to wrap it for String, Byte[] or something similar?

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     %module Example

       int func(const unsigned char *data);

      %include <arrays_java.i>

      %apply signed char[] { const unsigned char *data};

      int func(const unsigned char *data);

Use this code !!!!!

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Yes, it is possible. In the worst case, you could build your own typemap. But a %apply should be sufficient here. Try this:

    %apply signed char *INOUT { unsigned char *pSeqData };

[I adapted this from a similar problem in my *.i file, after months of not using Swig. YMMV.]

The %apply directive copies typemaps from one type to another. There's more about it here in the SWIG manual.

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Even if I add %include "typemaps.i" and the apply above, it is still wrapped to SWIGTYPE_p_unsigned_char data. –  mab Jun 24 '11 at 13:18

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