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I want to toggle objects using JQuery. I can just only show/hide objects and I want to show/hide them slowly rather than immediately.

Showing and Hiding of Objects in JQuery

$("#txtA").toggle(type == "A");

I don't know how to add ".show('slow')" on the above code. Please help me. Thanks.

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I posted an answer. You simply can't add the duration parameter to the above code, because it expects only a boolean, the way you are calling it. If you want to change the duration you should do it in an if/else block statement. You can change the duration in milliseconds within the parentheses of .show() or .hide(). – Shef Jun 13 '11 at 13:41

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The documentation says that there is no overload for .toggle that both takes a boolean and allows you to specify an easing parameter:

.toggle( [ duration ], [ callback ] )
.toggle( [ duration ], [ easing ], [ callback ] )
.toggle( showOrHide )

However, the documentation also says that:


is equivalent to:

if ( showOrHide == true ) {
} else if ( showOrHide == false ) {

So, use that fact:

if (type == "A") {
else {

And, no, sorry, you can't avoid writing it out like this.

It seems bizarre, anyway, to want to call a function named "toggle" but specify whether you're going to show or hide.

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if(type == "A"){
} else{
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